My Winter Coat Wishlist 2014

Hey everyone

So recently I have discovered this awesome website called Polyvore and its basically every blogger/fashion addicts dream. I thought to myself.. 'hey, why not do a blog post using this bad boy'.

This blog post is surprisingly going to be about my wishlist of coats for winter 2014 and I say 'surprisingly' because when I was younger I always got shouted at by my granny because I would NEVER put a coat on. Rain, Snow or Hail I never had a coat on. But now I love coats, they really make an outfit more sophisticated and put together, I also love layering my clothes in winter so adding a coat to your look just adds a finishing touch.

Here we have it, my coat wishlist for Winter 2014.
Winter Coat Wishlist 2014

Overall, I think all of these coats are stunning and I would love to be able to buy them all. I understand that some people may not agree with me about the style of these coats but I personally think that each coat I have chosen on my wishlist could make any outfit look crazy hot.

Thank you for reading this post, love Jannah x

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